Marketing strategy

Every time you speak to someone about your business you are involved in marketing. Any conversation about your firm is an opportunity to promote your business and increase sales. A marketing strategy will help you focus. It will identify the different ways you can talk to your customers, and concentrate on the ones that will create most sales.

It tells you what to say, how to say it and who to say it to in order to make more sales. Because timing is critical, it will tell you when to say it, too.

Marketing strategy: making a plan for your market in Iran

A marketing plan explains how to put your strategy into action. It will set marketing budgets and deadlines, but it will also tell you how you’re going to talk to your target customers – whether that’s through advertising , networking, going to trade shows, direct marketing, and so on.

Crucially, it will tell you when to talk to your customers. Timing your activities to fit their buying cycles will save money and maximize sales.

Finally, your marketing plan should look to the future: it should outline how you follow up sales and what you’re doing to develop your offer.

As with any plan, progress should be regularly measured and reviewed to see what’s working and what isn’t, so you can set new targets as your market changes.

Make a plan for marketing with our model: our model is FG360

FG360 is a marketing plan model for Iran’s market. levels for model is:

1- Receive targets of managers (for position , sales , …) with help formal form FG360

2- Receive potential and budget

3- Infrastructure development program (Selling Regulations, Regulations of agent & distributor, Organizational chart sale, Forms for reporting, …)

4- Marketing research (about customers, consumers, distribution channels, competitive firms, …)

5- Data analyze with help FG360 model.

6- Make a marketing strategy for 1, 2 and 3 years

7- Make 3 operation plan (Sales plan, Advertising and public relations, Aftermarket) from annual target.

8- Survey and Assessment program